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Everything you need in a control valve

In the choice of zero leakage valves for open/close functionality, Triple Eccentric Valves also known as Triple-Off-Set valves (TOV) are gaining in popularity. This type of construction can provide many advantages including zero leakage, compact design, frictionless functionality and maintenance-free operations. All these reasons have contributed to the increase in their popularity. Within fixed limits, […]

Introduction to Basic Measurement Technologies

Level: RF Capacitance Measurement Capacitance level measurement systems take advantage of the dielectric constant in all materials to determine changes in level. A capacitor is no more than a pair of conductive electrodes, or plates, with fixed spacing and a dielectric (process material) between them. In the most common applications, the probe element (a metal […]

Accurate flow and mass measurement

Measurement of flowing media containing solids and particles poses a great challenge in the mining industry, due to the damage caused to inline flowmeters. The installation of inline flowmeters can be costly, dangerous (particularly in acid or hydrocarbon plants) and it causes downtime. Thicker pipe walls also require a more powerful ultrasonic signal to pass […]

Selecting the right PLC

Automation projects, big or small, start with a specification. Here are five factors to consider when choosing a PLC vendor. Broad range of devices The selected brand must have a complete product range to meet the requirements of customers. PLCs must be available with sufficient memory to support I/O, and log and manipulate historical data […]