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Our main activity is to supply a wide range of oil and petrochemical products, equipment and instrumentation from well-known manufacturers.

Purchase reviewing, market analyzing, solution providing, vendor proposal checking, goods coding and classification, technical specifications preparation and material requisition documents are our hole activity in procurement engineering field.

Plant instrumentation and control systems design is one of our activity in power plant,steel plant, oil and petrochemical industry with professional software and standard documents.

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Our experience based on new technologies help us to handle costumer requirements,in this way,we are focus on basic and detail design of instrument and control systems in oil, gas and petrochemical industry.

Certified Experience

We are certified by Iran Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade in Automation & Instrumentation Engineering Services.

–  Member of Iranian Society of Instrument & Control Engineers

– Member of Association of Isfahan Engineering Services

Competitive Pricing

Core philosophy reflects a partnership approach with industry leading organizations to develop and implement advanced technology, to ensure that we meet the demands of today’s oil and gas industry and execute projects with high quality, low operating costs, in a timely manner and safe.


Access to internal and external markets & resources will help costumer to receive goods in short time as possible.Also our office in Germany will help us to supply equipment and spare parts from European & American manufacturers.

20 Years Experience

 Proje saz   with 20 years experience in design, engineering and supply of equipment,  instrumentation mainly in oil, gas and petrochemical industry.We are trying to take advantage of global standards to meet industry demands.

Great Support

We are always online to support and respond to customers.

Our technical support and solution providing can help costumer to proceed their business.

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