Equipment & Spare Parts Supply


Over the years we have developed a vast product line in order to provide our customers with the right part at the right price.

Our staff professionals can provide you with in-depth product knowledge to help you select the most cost effective instrumentation solution.

We can supply you following:

  • Flow Instrument:Magnetic flow meter,Coriolis mass flow meter,thermal mass flow meter,ultrasonic flow meter
  • Level Instrument:Radar level transmitter,ultrasonic level transmitter,Gamma ray level transmitter
  • Pressure Instrument:Pressure transmitter,differential pressure transmitter,pressure gauge switch,flush diaphragm seal,in-line diaphragm seal
  • Temperature Instrument:Temperature transmitter,temperature gauge switch,thermocouple,PT100 RTD
  • Valve:Control valve,on off valve,solenoid valve,safety valve,rupture disc,pressure regulator valve,thermostatic valve, Diverter Valve

Process Equipment & Spare Parts

We are able to offer petrochemical process equipment solutions customized to suit a specific process and plant.

We are skilled in the selection and supply of a wide range of  process equipment and related spare parts including:

  • Extrusion Package: Extruder, Pelletizer and spare parts
  • Bagging Package: Bagging Line, Metal Detector & Separator and spare parts,
  • Rotary Equipment: Pump,Compressor, Blower, Feeder and spare parts


By combining our industrial process knowledge with our technical systems expertise, we able to offer control system solutions customized to suit a specific process and plant.

We are skilled in the selection, design, supply, programming, integration, and commissioning of a wide range of control products and systems including:

  • DCS :Emerson Delta V system and spare parts
  • ESD: Hima H51q and spare parts
  • F&G: Hima Himax series and spare parts
  • PLC:Siemens Simatic S7-400 Series and spare parts