Our procurement engineering division provides specialized quality engineering, technical, and local supplier expertise to companies looking to optimize their supply chain, reduce exposure to supplier risk, achieve cost savings, and diversify supply sources. Our procurement engineers are located in key manufacturing regions across the world.


Our team with engineering background and right concept of engineering issues are capable to perform engineering services form vendor’s quotation and offers.

We can prepare technical and commercial bid evaluation tables (TBE, CBE) for wide range of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment, field instruments and control systems, Acceptable engineering services will help to clients to optimize procurement phase and get right decision to place order.

Procurement strategies too often go wrong because buying decisions are made more on supplier prices and paper analysis rather than their technical competencies. Our procurement engineers utilise their multi-disciplinary backgrounds to enable you to make holistic sourcing and supplier selection decisions that bridge engineering, quality assurance, purchasing, technical, and manufacturing functions. We also engage directly with suppliers to understand their systems and processes.

With our experience in global supplier markets, particularly low-cost manufacturing locations, we can also work with your sourcing team in developing your low-cost country sourcing strategy, identifying new outsourcing locations, and working with local suppliers.

What our procurement engineers can do:
  • Supplier audits and technical assessments
  • Design for Manufacturability analysis
  • Supplier quality engineering
  • Quality management  system development
  • Supplier coordination
  • Supplier development for product cost optimisation
  • Supplier risk mitigation


Providing  technical specifications of goods, quality control instructions, drawings, material requisition documents by our experts will help you in the correct purchase of goods.

We support customers in the purchase of engineered commodities and products for Process Plants from the global market.